With our robot and the relevant programming intelligence, we are able to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. For example, we sand and polish by means of a certain algorithm in order to maintain a constant surface quality. Various tools can be installed on the “hand” of the robot. 3D printing is another new option, which can be done.

Cutting: With our hot wire cutting unit we can cut styrofoam blocks up to a width of 2500 mm.
Thanks to the huge workenvelope, working on complex geometric shapes and large objects have become possible.

Mobile Robotics: Using one or several robots outside our workshop can be done with the correct preparations.  All necessary steps for setting up a perfectly functional robot can be handled with ease. Configuration, installation, programming and many others will be carried out according to your wishes and the technical possibilities.

Incremental Sheet Forming: flexible procedure without mold construction, with which individualised manufacturing processes become more cost effective.