Mooving to Eberswalde
In November 2017 we entered into a cooperation with the University for Sustainable Development (HNEE) and placed the robotic cell in Eberswalde.
We benefit from the cooperation through jointly developed, marketing-capable production strategies and through the continuous training of qualified operators. With the assembly of a robot that has the ability to mill we extended the regular limits of a CNC machine by far. With our hard- and software, we can offer all kinds of milling processes as well as incremental metal forming or hot wire cutting. Get in contact with us!

Model: KUKA Quantec KR 210 R3100 C Ultra
Size: work envelope of over 150 cbm (about 13 x 4 x 3.5 meters)
Length of the robot arm: 3,1 m
Technology: 7 axis-system + tool changer with 10 places
Power: 8KW water-cooled HSD milling unit
Max. payload: 210kg
Precision: high repeatability of +/- 0,06 mm
Flexibility: milling, sanding, polishing, hot wire cutting
and various other applications